The Yealm completes sound tests with better than expected results for modern property developments.

Peace, quiet and tranquillity – these are the hallmarks of a home at The Yealm. The only sounds you’ll hear will be the ones you want to: birds singing, the breeze in the trees or the river flowing past. This is why we asked acoustic engineer Red Twin to design, analyse and control sound at the Yealm.

Based on its extensive experience of designing residential buildings across the UK and the Channel Islands, we chose Red Twin to set out an appropriate standard of sound insulation. This was set higher than the building regulations to reflect the luxury nature of the development, with a targeted improvement of +8dB. We are delighted to report that following recent sound tests, our high-end specification has really paid off.

”Our high-performance acoustic works and insulation has yielded the results we hoped for,” explained developer and Red Earth owner Simon Friend. “Human perception of sound recognises a 10dB difference as half (or twice) as loud. In all tested cases thus far in the former hotel building, the noise expected to be heard from a neighbour is less than half as loud as that which can be expected from a development working to building regulations alone, which is a great achievement!”

“Working on the acoustics at The Yealm has been a complex task due to the acoustic design of the old building’s out-of-date construction methods and materials,” said Red Twin director Ian Matthews. “We had a number of challenges to overcome during the design, including to devise new floor constructions that did not raise the finished height of the floor while still maintaining the desired performance.”

Every home at The Yealm has been designed meticulously. “Attention to detail is one of my main focuses for The Yealm,” concluded Simon. “I want to ensure that residents cannot hear other people in adjoining apartments and that sound is controlled, which we have achieved.” Hear, hear!

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