Spring 2019 sees The Yealm really starting to take shape. If you haven’t recently seen the development, why not pop down to have a look while taking a stroll through the woods and admiring the views from the public footpath that wraps around the site? From the footpath which links Yealm Road to Lower Court Road, you’ll be able to see the new buildings rising out of the ground and restoration works to the main house.

Working with a heritage building like the former Yealm hotel takes a huge amount of skill and sensitivity for those involved in the project’s development. Red Earth has chosen to work alongside the well-respected and long-established companies Devon Contractors and PCA Consulting Engineers for the development build.

Colin Souch is the Structural Engineer from PCA Consulting Engineers for The Yealm. “Whilst the new-build apartments are relatively straightforward, much of our concentration has been on the former hotel as this is by far the most complex element of the project,” he explains. “We have been working closely with Devon Contractors as the structural alterations to the former Hotel have been complex.”

The new balconies, for example, are a dramatic feature of the building’s conversion. “They are not just balconies but are integrated to support the floor as well as elements of the roof structure, all of which has required considerable skill by Devon Contractors in the installation.” continues Colin.

Development is going according to plan, confirms Colin: “All works are progressing in parallel and as such we have a site-wide interest in all elements of the build. Working with a proactive and engaged contractor allows for unforeseen difficulties to be quickly resolved.”

Simon Friend from Red Earth comments, “It is important to everyone working on the project that the restoration work completed is precise and attentive, while preserving its long-lasting elegance. Features such as the balconies have been carefully designed and thought through in order to enhance the building’s grand demeanour, while taking into consideration the vital technicalities of structural support and reinforcement.”

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